RoadScholar Trip #3 – Hiking the Northern Oregon Coast

I’m off on another RoadScholar trip!

Today was a 209.4 mile drive from my home to the Twin Rocks Friends Camp in Rockaway Beach, Oregon. I must admit, I cannot for the life of me remember the last time I drove that far. The freeway down was fine, and the road to the west from Portland was terrific, until I turned onto State Route 6 – then it was 42 miles of windy, two-lane road until I got near Tillamook. Yes, Tillamook – say CHEESE.

my carI’ll admit one thing about the drive – it was great to not have to pack for a plane trip. No limit on how much stuff I take with me. No TSA agents. No scanning. No lines. No pat-downs. No luggage inspection. No “get to the airport two hours before departure”. No finding someone to drive me up to (and back from) the airport. I got to keep my shoes on for the entire day! I not only took extra clothes, but even slippers; I feel like I’m in the lap of luxury!

From Tillamook it was a 13 mile drive north to Rockaway Beach. Upon entering theTwin Rock Family Center facilities (easy to find) I was nicely greeted and directed to our meeting area. The place we’re staying is often used as a retreat – hence spartan rooms, no TVs, etc. We have a nice large meeting room with a giant fireplace and even a projection system.  We’ll meet here nightly for lectures. Thanks to the gods there *is* wireless internet access in the meeting room, and as I type this in my room I even have two bars!

Twin RocksI really don’t have much to write about today, just the drive down and getting to my assigned room. I’ve got a room to myself and it has a queen bed AND bunk beds.  The extra beds are great for spreading junk all over.

Jim B. and Crystal L. are here with me – we were all on the Grand Canyon trip together too. It’s great to see familiar faces. Their room is right next to mine too – so handy!

OMG – I’m trying to eat healthy on this trip and they just brought out two giant bowls of trail mix! Nuts, M&Ms, dried bananas, raisins, dried kiwi (!), etc.  Too tempting.

Our two guides are Ken and Greg – so as I mention them you’ll have a reference.

Dinner was in the dining hall – served family style. I appear to be the odd duck with my vegetarian-ism, again. We had a nice tour of the facilities (looks like a good place to work), then an overview of our program and schedule.

I’m already wondering if I’m in over my head? I’m not a “hiker” as it appears many of these folks are. I think I’m one of the few who did not bring walking sticks?! We’ll see how tomorrow pans out. I’m already worried about getting soaked, blisters, filthy, or just being too much of a slacker! Thankfully, I think I’m maybe the youngest here… but certainly not the fittest!


2 thoughts on “RoadScholar Trip #3 – Hiking the Northern Oregon Coast

  1. I’m trying to decide which Oregon trip to do this summer! I need one I can drive to and then afford as a single person. Kayaking or hiking…hmmmmmm

  2. HI Rodylady.

    I am a teacher and am interested in hiking the Oregon coast the last two weeks in July. Do you know if there are any trips planned with Road Scholar during that period of time? Please let me know. thanks.


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